analytical Q
May to August 2000
September to December 2000
January to April 2001
Every diary entry is different.  Each can stand on its own.


The Diary of Anne Ku

subject themes

journal theme index

tear jerkers TJ

entertaining E

informative I

hilarious H

much feedback from F

aspects- being Anne Ku

To be complete

Letting go (initial decisions)



Information and uncertainty

Stop and smell the roses

Giving homemade things

Information overload

Scheduling my schedule

Settling down

My outstanding list

Competition for attention

Portfolio risk
Learners and abdicators
Category C
Identify your values
The urge to purge
Patterns of speech
The hassle market
Diminishing marginal returns
The scale of life
Quality of life
Fear of regret
The price of freedom
my cat
Ten kilos of cat food

Mister Tidworth *


complaints, customer service, when things go wrong

The billing department

My blue silk jacket

Losing my wallet

Meditating on the tube

Complaint sites

BT: bloody terrible!

Just in time not on time

childhood, growing up, Okinawa, reunions


The gang *

To sir with love *

Long time no see

Givers and takers

A reunion in Seattle

More photos of Seattle

Chinese, Asian culture

Being Chinese

Futons and tatami mats

Confucius and Buddhism

cooking, recipes (could also be part of health, diet, exercise)


Barbeque sauce

Anzac cookies

Banana bread

computers, internet, technical

Internet bill

Queuing on the telephone

Surfing USA

PC versus MAC

Mobile phone culture

Simple, impartial advice

The essential laptop

Trying to connect



The three R's

Energy efficiency week

Fuel poverty *

Global warming

Cooked to death

health, diet, exercise

Eating meat


Restaurants: why eating out is no longer a treat

Restaurants continued

Hayfever season

Organic raw food diet

Veggie burger

Dim sum on Sunday *

Mad dogs or mad cows

Cardio bench

Cardio sculpt

Sad or mad?


hobbies: gardening, etc.

Plant a garden

Cucumbers and tomatoes


international, culture

Russians, Chinese, Indians

Texan language

money, finance

Penny wise, pound foolish




Sightreading piano duets

Improvising piano duets

Tape to cd to mp3

My piano recordings

Autumn shivers

Putting words to music

Sightreading Scriabin

Children's party

Cocktail party music

Creation not re-creation

Second hand sheet music

Piano ritual

Intimate performance

new age

Esoteric, pentamine

The heart chakra colours


Patty Brightwell Vaughan
Photos of patty *

Chris T Mas

Coordinated effort

Jonbenet Ramsey


relationships, parenthood, dating, neighbours, etiquette, friendship

Parents, need, life


How to be a good guest

Opposites in yin and yang

Words of wisdom

Dating X, Y, Z

Dating X, Y, Z (continued)

Saying goodbye

Happy Birthday my friend

Frances, the artist *

Once a year, every year *

Grandma's hearing aid *

Sharing photos *

Daddy's girl

Daddy's response

Snake bellies

New kid in town

Comfort of old friends

Margarita girls night


Morrocan make-over

Ten minute checklist

Mobile executives on Internet time


A bottle of soy sauce



Being on time, being late

Time, the most precious commodity



travel, hotels

Travel plans

First day in Rhodes

Hotel stars

You get what you pay for

Motorcycle accident in Thailand



July 4th by myself

Away from home

Ticket machines

New York, New York

Dinner on top of the world

Taking the train

Waiting for the shuttle

South by southwest

A prisoner in New York

From Brooklyn facing Manhattan

Crowd of crowds

In search of the perfect hotel

Different types of hotels

Little Korea

Racing against time

The homecoming

German sauna ritual

Living among the locals

Packing to go

Usability of travel sites

Seat width and pitch

Winter sun for less

Full moon in Houston

Flying British Airways

Fog over Amsterdam

South by southwest

St Martin's

Showing London


On weather

Longest day in the year

Stormy weather

Too cold for comfort

How they begin

Dreadful weather


website building


Introducing my website

12,600 page visits last month!

Popular pages

E-commerce guide

Always searching

Dreamweaver vs frontpage 98

Link or search

Linkrot:... the weakest link

New web host

Another web fanatic

Influence of passerby's

Fan and hate mails

Last diary entry

weddings, love, marriage


Arthurian splendour

Priorities of a married man

Friend of the groom

Matchmaker unmatched


From part-time to over-time

Best way to communicate

Ex-colleagues at ex-company

Workaholic no more

Seeing my work in print

Pub culture *

Today's deadline

Dancing on the Thames *

Second passions

Play ethic

Bullying at work and home

Work-related stress

Sorting out business cards

Back to back meetings

Gatekeepers keep out

Fast to slow lane

Holistic and long term


Diary thoughts

Bad writing
Poetic license
Inspired by a moment
On a roll

Orange crescent

Shop until you drop *
Meeting point
Ups and downs
Less is more *