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The Diary of Anne Ku

4 August 2000 Friday No Rain!


Tonight after my swim, I cycled towards an orange crescent moon. It was such an odd colour that I had to stare at it for an extra minute.

In the dark, I thought how strange it was that I had become attracted to the colour orange recently. Bright orange. Last year, I bought an orange dress in Manhattan. This was soon followed by a bright orange jacket in London. It's as if my personality changed with the colour I chose to wear.

I remember when I first joined the Swiss bank, my colleagues asked me if I preferred black, blue, and white. I made the excuse that the consulting firm I came from was very conservative. The truth was that I had no dress sense. Black, blue, and white were the safest colours to wear. In Houston, I bought a wardrobe full of black and blue business suits.

Last year I revolted. I grew my hair long and started wearing colourful clothes again --- returning to my childhood. In my teenage years, I learned to make my own clothes. They were so bright and loud that my friends had to cover their ears when they saw me parade my new designs.

Somehow tonight's crescent moon is telling me: it's okay to shed the black and blue look. I am now more cheerful and hyperactive than ever before. Has the colour orange changed my personality?