analytical Q


The Diary of Anne Ku

16 June 2000 Friday warm


Last night I finally went to see the sold-out play "The Graduate" in which Kathleen Turner stripped naked on stage.  I was sitting in the last row in the upper circle.  She stripped in the dark.  But I could guess from the audience reaction I had missed something profound.

After seeing "Romancing the Stone", I had followed in her footsteps to the real Cartagena in Colombia.  "When Peggie Sue Got Married", I longed to attend my high school reunion last August.  After visiting Africa in March, I was tempted to find the "Jewel of the Nile" in Egypt.  If "Body Heat" wasn't hot enough, she later starred in "Crimes of Passion." Her deep and sexy voice in "The Graduate" was authorative and irresistible.

My parents watched "The Graduate" on TV one night.   I distinctly remember being told that it was not a movie I should watch.  So I associated "The Graduate" with forbidden fruit.  After I graduated from college, I didn't fall into depression or confusion like "The Graduate" did.  There was no older man in sight.  Instead, I travelled around the world and got lost along the way.  I hitch hiked in Thailand.  I  attended a Tamil wedding in Malaysia.  My parents didn't pressure me into doing anything.  Perhaps I was lucky that we didn't have a Mr Robinson as a neighbour.