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The Diary
Anne Ku

7 January 2001 Sunday



ONLY when I'm away from home do I watch television. The "telly" as the Brits call it is not a necessary furniture in the home. The PC is.

Perhaps due to my lack of exposure to the television set, I become hypnotised by it. I can't interact with it like my PC. I can't make myself to turn it off because there might be an interesting show on the next channel. Its hypnotic effects are far reaching. No wonder most people own tellies.

It's distracting to have the TV on when I'm trying to have a conversation with someone. Some people automatically turn it on, like the way I switch on a lamp when it's dark.

We were brought up with minimal TV interference. Mom restricted us to certain programmes. Nowadays, I see children being put in front of the telly while their parents tended to their chores. What a life to be glued to the telly! What a life to be hypnotised!