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The Diary
Anne Ku

6 January 2001 Saturday



AFTER trying so many different kinds of champagne, I came to the conclusion that the bubbles really break the ice. Supposedly, the best champagne has the least bubbles. So I'm told.

At the airport, just before Christmas, the best champagne were not differentiated by price, but by location. In the US, champagne prices were much higher, as much as three times those sold at duty free.

On this trip, I've met strangers, reacquainted with old friends, and stayed with family. Interestingly enough, feeling comfortable is not correlated with how long I've known someone. I could feel comfortable and cozy with strangers. It doesn't require a glass of champagne to break the ice.

I learned a trick to disguise bad champagne: mix it with orange juice to get Buck's Fizz. Like bad company, mix it with good - and you'll have a good time.