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The Diary of Anne Ku


15 May 2000 Monday another fine day in Rhodes, Greece

Given my bad experience with motorcycles, I reluctantly agreed to be a passenger on a motorcycle.  There was no other good way to see the island.  Mountain biking would be arduous as the hills were impossible.  Walking was out of the question.  Renting a car - hmmmm - a possibility but that meant driving - another story!  Riding a bus - not convenient.

It turned out to be the best way to see the island.   The driver owned two motorbikes, so he told me.  He also wanted to see the island. 

South of Faliraki, on the east coast was an acropolis called Lindos.  The streets were so narrow that only donkeys and humans could squeeze through.  It had the authenticity I had been seeking.  After a lunch of "Greek plate" and iced coffee, we wandered through the town and climbed up to the acropolis ruins.  The view from the top was magestic!  I could see the horizon where the sky meets the sea in the vivid blues.  Ancient doric columns rose out of the earth, some crumbled, some half broken.  I could imagine myself living here.