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The Diary
Anne Ku

2 March 2001 Friday



My checklist for a suitable partner gets longer as I grow older," she said to me.

But surely you can figure whether he's got potential within the first ten minutes of your meeting?" I challenged.

When I asked whether he could perform open heart surgery on a computer, it reminded me of my friend who fell in love with her boyfriend simply because he was such a man. "He built a shed from scratch! With his bare hands! Can you imagine?" I was once infatuated with someone who could fix my car everytime it broke down. But now, I am more impressed with someone who could fix PC's.

Yes, I can fix PC's," he shrugged his shoulders. "But why would you want someone who can fix PC's when you can hire him?"

Next question: do you play a musical instrument?

Ten minutes later, it's time to take out the tradeoff sheet. Just how important is playing a musical instrument compared to tolerating my music when I compose?