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The Diary
Anne Ku

1 March 2001 Thursday



My friend generously gave me 10 MB of web space when I first started building this web site almost two years ago. When it exceeded 10 MB, I asked for more. He wanted to give me 100 MB for my birthday, but there was only 45 MB maximum on the server.

Meanwhile I expanded the content beyond music and energy. I had something to say about almost everything. And my website was my platform for self-expression.

When the traffic on my site started to climb, I wanted to do more. Just when it got to an average of 13,000 page visits a month, the web statistics engine failed.

So I complained. My sleepy web host woke up and eventually asked me to find another host provider. But look at all this traffic, I said to him in exasperation. I'm not even promoting this site - and all these people are coming to visit!

Luckily another generous friend came to the rescue. My last usage statistic must have been more than 20,000 page visits in February - if not for the missing data.

Starting today, I've got a new web host. And best of all, I have control over my cgi-bin and have loads more space to grow!