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The Diary
Anne Ku

28 February 2001 Wednesday



Why are some homes more comfortable than others? Why are some places more tolerable?

I am freezing cold, leaving my home, walking to the tube station. Even when I'm in the tube, I'm cold. As soon as I get off, I shiver. This weather is windy, chilly, damp, and just plain DREADFUL.

To think that I had escaped the English winter by being away for most of December to February, I must be fooling myself. The cold doesn't start till February. And it stretches till April or May!

I wanted to give visitors the best impression of this wonderful city in which I chose to live. Yet, everytime I fly back to London, I feel this sense of dread. No longer do I look forward with anticipation. How can I possibly convince my visitors that this weather is just a fleeting thing?

This long winter is what makes the English summers so wonderful. All this suffering just to get a few days of sunshine and constant warmth.

It really must be worth it, for I am still here!