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The Diary
Anne Ku

10 April 2001 Tuesday





I started writing poems when I got introduced to British literature in the early 1980's. Writing poems was therapeutic as it allowed me to express myself without being too explicit.

Over the years, I always sought a rhyme for a reason. How could I write a poem that didn't rhyme?

Last year I got introduced to improvisation. Improvised music need not have a form or structure. Equivalently, poems don't need to rhyme.

Touched by a poem I received today (it did rhyme, however), I decided that my web site could really serve as an outlet for people's emotions. Rather than sending flowers, write a poem. Instead of calling the person, write a poem. Increasingly surfers are finding my Poetry Section and contributing their personal and original poems. My site has finally fulfilled its purpose: a platform for self-expression.

I keep contributed poems in the poetry section. Perhaps one day, some composer will set them to music.

Stuck at home
Oh! That couped up feeling!
No excuses.
I chose to isolate myself.
To read.
To think.
To write.
To edit.
In between the writing,
I play piano
I cycle
I cook
I eat.
I clean.
I pace.
Up at eight
Bed by midnight
Heating starts at nine.
Ends at eleven.
Heating starts again at eight.
Ends at eleven.
Weather changes within the day
Sun in the morning.
Clouds invade by mid morning.
Rain comes.
Wind accompanies.
Sun pierces through clouds
Only for a moment.
But a precious heated moment.
The Internet beckons.
The phone rings.
No one else I see.
Five days by myself.

- Anne Ku
London, 10 April 2001