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original poems 2002


Sweet dreams, my little baby

Up are the stars
and they're watching you
and they sing along
with me and you.

now you're gone
so far away
but the pain, oh no
is here to stay

Are you quite in health?
Or are you alone?
do you have a place
to call a home?

Today I was almost happy
As a man can be
Just like a bird
that is set free

Then I felt again
this pain inside
The usual thing
I can easily hide

These are not tears
you see in my eyes
It's just the rain
I can not disguise

Remember I said
"Dads never cry?"
My dear, to be honest
That is a lie.

So go to sleep
wherever you are
I'll be up there
Just like a star

Wait for tomorrow
like we always do
see the sun shine
for daddy and you

Whatever Mom says
Whatever I do
you won't forget
I'll always love you

Masood Hosseini : "I wrote this song for my 5 year old kidnapped daughter."


Having grown beyond the experience of my first love,
I have fallen in love with my experience of it, again and again.
Those were the days, I'd love to have again,
Long for in dreams, and while awake.

I was afraid of love, or, often took it lightly,
But when I understood, it had struck me deeply.
I had heard love is strong, and sustains itself,
Yet could not believe when I experienced it myself.

I forget if we met first, or fell in love first,
For all I can remember, I have always loved my first.
The sight of her set my heart throbbing,
I am going to fall in love, was all I was thinking.

Oh, the memories of how I fought back my emotions,
And, oh, how they grew stronger with the fight that I put up.
It was destined that we meet,
And it so happened that we met.

Was it only once that we met,
Or is it in my dreams, that again and again we met?
Oh, how powerful were my desires,
Yet, my words would desert me, when I most desired.

I knew she knew how I felt,
For I thought she felt the same way I felt.
How beautiful were those days when we would meet,
But in saying how we feel, we'd face defeat.

There was no ease in saying it,
And there was a pain in not saying it.
In everything that I did, my thoughts would think of her,
Yet, I'd contemplate "Is this the love that I often hear?".

My evenings would reminisce how fascinating she was,
And I'd cherish everything that had happened between us.
Her walk, her talk, her innoncence and her smile,
I knew I was in love, for everything she was.

The fear of rejection, and the joy of acceptance,
My thoughts would be an anticipation of the aftermaths.
My words were choked for the fear of rejection,
But my body and eyes had conveyed my intentions.

Oh, and how I had finally dared,
In confessing how I had always felt.
No easy moments were those,
But the fact, that I did what I did, makes me proud.

The first rose and first gift,
And how I troubled the florist.
Having rehearsed myself in front of the mirror,
Yet, how lifeless my knees had felt, when it did finally occur.

Those three words were so difficult to utter,
But then I understood how it feels, to say, "I love you".
For every fraction since I uttered, the magic words,
My heart pulsated bigger and harder.

And then for long I waited, to hear those three words,
From the lips of the beautiful one I was in love with.
Every minute was a year, and every day a millenium,
I knew I was in love, one which would have no end.

Was I blind or had I been dumb,
Confused and dazed, I felt myself unknown.
I knew I couldn't live without her,
And I doubted if I could really do what I dreamt I'd do for her.

I promised her the stars and the sky,
And mountains of milk, and the pleasures of a queen.
She'd smile, and make me feel silly,
She'd like to hear my claims, yet would test my love more.

It was the day of my life,
And an unforgettable memory eversince.
It was my first kiss,
And, what pleasure, to see her melt away in my arms.

I shouted to the mountains,
And screamed to the oceans.
That I loved her more than anything else,
That I challenge anyone, to try separate us.

Everytime we met,
We would fondle.
And during separation,
We became fonder.

The love in her face,
Are the pictures of my life.
It wasn't untrue of the wise,
Who said, "A lady is more beautiful when in love".

Where was my strength to churn milk out of the ocean,
To dig diamonds out of the earth?
When I met her father, to seek her hand,
Trembling within, and speaking the irrelevant.

It was a test I had to take,
Convince her parents, for my life to be made.
I gave her my life, and she gave me hers,
Oh, what a wonderful wedding it was.

How wonderful is the world, when in love,
The little flowers, the beautiful butterflies.
To think of a life without love,
Was something I had since then dreaded.

All the places we have been to,
And all the things that we shared.
We had quite a family,
I knew my neighbours envied.

All good things must come to an end,
So also, my lovely wife's time had come.
For years in pain I weeped,
And exclaimed, "Why she, and not me?".

If it wasn't for my promise to her,
I may not have lived it through.
Like a helpless child I wept for her,
Incapable of seeking love, anywhere else.

Her memories, are the pillars of my existance,
My past youth and my love, are what I live by.
I shall never forget all she did,
Nor forget how we loved.

It hurts a little,
To think I lost her.
But I laugh when I dream of her laugh,
And live exactly as she had taught.

I haven't built a Taj Mahal,
To remind the world of our eternal love.
But there's a Taj Mahal everywhere we met,
And the biggest one, in my heart.

My life will end,
When the time comes.
But I will not love her less,
Any moment till I die.

Oh God, let me die,
So I can love her in the heavens.
Oh Lord, it's the last thing I desire,
Keep her happy till I arrive.

by Kaleem Aziz 29 Nov 2001

Poem for Nawal

My miserable life...
Wasted time
Wasted emotions
Wasted heartache
Turned around by a voice from across the sea
I listen
I hear
I feel
I cannot believe
How can this possibly be
I’ve tried this before
But this is different
This is new – truly new
This is soulful and of God decreed?
You from so far away
Me, still here
But changed
This is a brand new day
I call for you
You find me
Wading through the millions
Through the years
Whispered words from eye to ear
Love as I love you
And shed not one more tear
It is last
It is final
No more decisions to be made
You sail across time and distance
To the home of my heart
To the nest of my arms
Sweetest bird
Fly over the waves
My miserable life
Fading, Forgotten
Never look back
Look forward and behold
Life, love, faith in human kindness
And treasures will unfold
I love you Princess
I’ve loved you forever
The hands of almighty grace
Nudge us closer
To crystalline purpose
As we meet face-to-face
And fall together,
tumbling in happiness,
embracing in joy,
into the future…

by Alan Bookmiller, Casual Poet and loving Nawal

14 November 2001

This Christmas Lost

This Christmas lost…
I wake to find you missing…
An emptiness I’ve never felt before.
And now my heart beats for you everlasting…
to keep your life alive forevermore.

This Christmas lost …
I miss you my darling soul mate.
Wrenched from my life, through senseless act of terror.
My joy replaced with sorrow, tears and heartache…
I’ll remember you my love…forever.

This Christmas lost …
I’ll cry for you my sweetheart…
for Earthly treasures we will never share
Suddenly, violently torn apart.
How much I miss your tender loving care.

This Christmas lost …
No joy can come from any gift…
except your safe return to me.
But God this gift, this impossible gift…
will not be found beneath my Christmas tree

This Christmas lost …
As I wander through this darkness…
among a thousand shattered dreams I pray I find…
that God has taken you before him…my love…
and blessed you with eternal peace for all time

This Christmas lost…
I wake to find you missing…
an emptiness I’ve never felt before.
My heart my love beats for you everlasting…
to keep your life alive forevermore.

by Alan Bookmiller

2 November 2001

Rhyming, Schyming

We go together like pork and mint sauce,
We need each other like a fish needs a horse,
So why should it be that my thoughts form a course
Of thinking of you with unstoppable force?

We form an alliance like a shoe on a hand
We seek mutual love like a whale seeks dry land
So why are the flames of my passion still fanned
By the memories of happiness, traced in soft sand?

Yet I don’t need a man who’s emotionally unstable
Who throws sentiments out like he’s writing a fable
I want a man stronger than the thickest steel cable
Whose sincerity’s warmer than the softest of sable.

So, with fortitude I stride into the future unknown
My feelings for you were temporarily on loan
But if they’d been reciprocal who could have known
The kind of future that seed would have eventually sewn?

Still, that thought is no more and my mettle I steel
To boldly confirm my intentions are real
I will not, can not, live what I feel
So I turn my back and look forward with new vigour and zeal.

So herein lies the crux of this woman’s dichotomy
She needs it like a brain needs a frontal lobotomy.
A course of action best for her subtle autonomy
Duping those practised in the art of physiognomy.

by Joanne Medford, a para-legal occasionally inspired to write a variety of poetic words in different formats.

date: 4 October 2001

No More, My Love

Fall has snuffed out summer’s fire,
No more will the warm breeze blow;
Chilled winds are the season’s ire,
No more will my aura glow;
’Cause she is gone, my love sublime,
No more will her warmth I hold;
She’s left me now, yet one last time,
No more will my dreams unfold.

Her smile, her voice - they filled my heart,
No more will I see her face;
God, how I ache for my sweetheart,
No more will her lips I taste.
Her silken hair, so soft to touch,
No more will I hold her tight;
Her sculptured hands I miss so much,
No more will my soul ignite.

For hoping that we’d share our lives,
No more will my wish be found;
For wanting to believe her lies,
No more will my mind be sound;
For giving her all of my heart,
No more will I self deceive;
For hoping that we’d never part,
No more will I be naive.

Thinking back to the very start,
No more will I be consumed,
By gnawing hints that she’d depart,
No more will I postpone doom.
She planned it well to cause upset,
No more will I be the same;
She left four years from the day we met,
And without remorse or shame.

I lived those years of tortured bliss,
No more will I take the brunt,
Of truths I knew and truths I missed,
No more will her ways affront.
Her distraught past and values broke,
No more will I reap the pain,
Of twisted thoughts and deeds that spoke
Of a mind long gone insane.

For wanting her to be my wife,
No more will my hopes abound;
For betrayed trust that scarred my life,
No more will my faith rebound;
For promises she tore apart,
No more will she make me grieve;
For shattered vows and cheating heart,
No more will her words deceive.

Now shackled by a fate that’s near,
No more will my spirit burn;
My life’s a void without her here,
No more will my seasons turn.
Death’s shadow, now it beckons me,
No more will her hurt be done;
The cold blue steel will set me free,
No more will I fear this gun.

I’ll raise it high, and towards my head,
No more will I hesitate;
It’s over now, for she has fled,
No more will I bear this fate.
A gentle squeeze, a loud resound,
No more will I cry in vain,
For peace will come with a single round,
Planted firmly in my brain.

by Martin H. Tesler

date: 13 September 2001

Hi my name is Amelia Murat and I am 15 years old. I have 2 brothers and 1 sister. Both my parents are still together. I currently don't have a boyfriend but that's ok because I don't need one. All I need is family & school. My favorite subject in school is math.


Some may call me scared,
Some may call me weak
But that's not it I just choose not to speak.
Why should I get upset when you tease me.
I'll just laugh cause it's sad that you don't know that your words can't hurt me.
Our world is getting smaller because of people like you who resort to violence.
But me, I refuse
I rather stay in silence.

by Amelia Murat

date: 23 July 2001

My name is Rosie and I wrote this poem about my best friend. I
fell in love with him and was too afraid to tell him

I don't know why
But I get the urge to cry
Every time we're together
I want it to last forever
Because I know we'll never be

I tell myself you love me
But I don't know if it's true
While you're probably not even thinking of me
I sit here feeling blue
Becuase I know we'll never be

I tell myself things haven't changed
And that we're still just friends
But it hurts deep down inside
When will this all end?
I know we'll never be

Sometimes I sit and wonder
If you feel the way I do
If you lay in bed at night
And think about me too
I know we'll never be

I go to him for comfort
And in turn he comes to me
But if true feelings are never spoken
Then I know we'll never be.

A Hungry Poet's Dream

The poor poet who writes not for a penny
Is like a jester who dances for a song...
Free food for thought aplenty
Oh, but something is very wrong!

Prose like "Two roads diverged in a yellow wood..."
Ah! They're for the rich and the wealthy
The writer who offers thoughts for food
He shall never go hungry!

by Billy Tan, Malaysia, May 2001

Date: April 10, 2001 1:59:14 AM EDT

I wrote this one night just thinking of my wife. I really messed up and did some stupid things, now I am putting myself at her mercy asking for 1 more chance at the only future I want to think about.


I miss you in a way
I never thought I could
Needing someone so bad
I never thought I would

I miss you in a way
I thought I'd never feel
The sincerity in my heart
Has never been so real

I miss you in a way
That makes me very sad
But having you to miss
Makes my heart so glad

I miss you in a way
That make ME incomplete
A person that I'd miss this way
I never thought I'd meet

I miss you in a way
That I cannot explain
The emptiness I have inside
An unimaginable pain

I miss you in a way
No poem could ever say
Just the thought of US again
gets me through each day

I miss you in a way
That words could never rate
But knowing we'll be US one day
Makes it worth the wait


To Tammy, my wife. I messed up something that was perfect, I have many regrets, but it CAN be fixed. Take your time, do not make the same mistake I did, give it a chance. If you let me back into your heart, you will NOT have regrets.

Ken Long Jr

Date: Mon, 19 Feb 2001 03:15:36 GMT

I don't want to open my eyes
I don't want to see their faces
I want to stay in my worthless realm
Rather then these worthless places

The darkness beneath my eyelids
Is a better place to be
In my imagination
Not their brutality

In a crowd of broken people
It breaks me to be
I love them to much
That I don't want to see

I could go insane
I could cry forever
Someone's heart to me
There is nothing that's more fragile

I want to close my eyes
to stay that way forever
I don't want to see
Neglect take another

Mike Shofner
This poem is about how I view society. I love people, but I hate society. It kills me to watch people suffer, emotionally, then I blame society, but society is burned, too. I don't know who to blame, but I don't want to blame anyone, so I just want to close my eyes and not have to be broken.

Date: Fri, 26 Jan 2001 20:44:29 GMT

Book of Life is what God holds

Book of Life is a book of souls
people's names are in this book
those are the souls that God had took
If your name isn't in it, what will you do?
Would you hide behind a mountain or maybe two?
God knows where you are, Where would you hide?
Would you crawl in a hole, shriville up and die?
Would you hide behind a tree or maybe a rock?
Would you sit at your table and stare at your clock?
Would you go to bed and hide under your covers?
Would you lock yourself up and close the shutters?
Would you get in your car and drive away?
Would you change your mind and decide to stay?
Would you go to your sister and hide in her room?
Would you go to the grave yard and hide in a tomb?
He knows exactly what you feel inside.
So get down on your knees tonight
Clear your mind and shut your eyes tight
fold your hand together, and begin to pray

Amy Roberson

Date: Tue, 23 Jan 2001 23:53:38 GMT

Weak In The Knees

I did something I am not supposed to
But I chose to.
I am feeling weak in the knees
God let me live please
I promise I won't do drugs again
I am only ten
I am going to die
and it's all from getting high.
Now I am weak in the knees
My body is going numb
How could I be so dumb?
I can feel my body start to slow
I am not ready to go.
But I am weak in the knees.
Please when I die
Encourage people not to get high.
Let them know that you care
And that you will always be there.
Don't let them get weak in the knees.
I am about to die.
Tell everyone I love you and goodbye.

Cassandra Frye

I am on the journalism team at school and my poem is being put into our school newspaper.

Date: Tue, 23 Jan 2001 13:33:12 GMT

Poem -

You went to Gowna with your dad
and for this I'm very glad
In Whytes pub I saw you there
I sat at the bar and sneaked a stare

I thought to myself what a nice guy
What a pity I am so shy
With thanks to John you came a walking
You sat down and we kept on talking

I felt I had known you for a long time
We got on well, gosh you were fine
You captured my heart that night
Yes, I was sure you were Mr Right

We went out to the car for a kiss and a cuddle
We spotted your dad, were we in trouble?
He passed by the car with a smile on his face
and then we entwined in a warm embarce

I was sad the next day 'cos you were gone
I hoped it would not be for too long
With butterflies and nerves I picked up the phone
I left a message as you were not home

You rang me back, my heart made a flutter
I was so nervous I thought I would stutter
We arranged to meet on a Friday night
At Dublin airport I would meet my delight

I met you at the airport with a big cheesy grin
I thought all I need now is a vodka or gin
We went to Harry Byrnes for just one or two
I was all excited my first night with you

Moving to York was a big step to take
My friends I would miss, what friends would I make?
But since I moved over life has been supreme
In every way, if you know what I mean

So now that we are married and I am your wife
You will always be my hero and my life
You brought me happiness that very first day
and we'll always be together come what may

So here's to us and our future together
I'm sure we'll get through whatever the weather
Thanks for being you so loyal and so true
You can be sure I will always love you.

About - This is a poem I wrote for my husband Brendan O'Reilly and recited it on our wedding day in front of 180 guests, many of whom wanted a copy of it. I met Brendan (from Stoke on Trent) in Cavan on 27 September 1997, moved to York in May 1998 and he proposed to me in the Lake District on 27 September 1998. We got married in the Shannon Oaks Hotel and Country Club in Portumna, Co Galway on 14 July 2000.

Eileen Craughwell

Date: Fri, 29 Dec 2000 06:49:28 GMT

Judgement Day

I've always been somewhat of a restless soul,
I never listened to what I was told,
I ran wild to let the demons inside me,
free the devil, paints a pretty picture
for those to see.
I had to have what the world could offer.
For the wrong, I've done,
they should cruxify me.
I was brought up by one of God's chosen men,
but I let him down,
I've lived a life of sin.
My loved ones' teachings
could not change my destructive ways.
I will give account for my life on
Judgement Day.
I cannot undo the things I've put you though,
but never once did I stop loving you.
You cried tears of worry, I forgot to wipe away.
Those precious tears will be of blood on that
Great Judgement Day.

Darlene Virginia Quarles
3572 Dews Pond Rd. NE
Calhoun, GA 30701

Grandmother of two...
In Memory of Momma & Daddy