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The Diary
Anne Ku

28 April 2001 Saturday





My friend who visits London on business insists on staying at the same hotel every time. Tonight I tried to entice him to try something different - for next time.

St Martin's is a modern, designer designed hotel on St Martin's Lane between Leicester Square and Covent Garden. It looks like a glass, stainless steel building on the outside - totally out of place in this central part of London.

Having heard that the rich, beautiful, and famous frequented there, I suggested that we dress up as such. I was surprised that they allowed us in.

Inside was a futuristic feel. We dined at the Asian-Cuban Latin infusion of a restaurant. The Italian waitress was very sincere and helpful. As the Latin music was too loud for intimate conversation, so we concentrated on the exotic food - duck, salmon, halibut - all prepared in fine detail and with wanderlust zest. The cocktails were special too - I had a Mambo King, which was merely champagne in a frosted glass of raspberry and sugar. I can make it myself, I thought.

We asked to see a room. The deluxe room shown to us gave me ideals for my own bedroom: different coloured lights for different moods. The place was awesome! How can I convince my friends to choose this hotel next time they are here on business? At STG 250 a night, it's probably way above their usual corporate rate.

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