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The Diary
Anne Ku

29 April 2001 Sunday





I have always dreamt of taking my laptop outside and relaxing under an oaktree when the weather is nice. Today, the sun finally emerged from the clouds at 2 pm.

I am sitting in my garden with my Audrey Hepburn sunglasses protecting. Expertly propelled on my lap is my notebook computer, charged with 3 hours of battery life. Unfortunately, the LCD screen makes it very difficult to see. I am unable to work on newly scanned images in Adobe Illustrator. So I decided to write about making my dream come true.

I am sitting in an awkward position - one foot on the brick bench, and the other flat on the paving stone. The dark clouds keep interfering with the sun's attempts to shine on my sun-starved face.

I notice that my computer is very dusty and in need of tender loving care. I am starting to get chilly as more dark clouds et in. The sun made a two minute performance, long enough to get me to try this little experiment. Perhaps in another place, another season, this laptop under sun might work. Not today, though. It's time to run inside before it pours.