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The Diary
Anne Ku

30 April 2001 Monday





I can't believe I was able to write something everyday for 365 days! My year in Cyberspace documented and accounted for.

When I first started writing it in May 2001, I had no structure. I thought I'd just write anything down. Gradually I realised that it would be nice if I could write about a subject each time. I added pictures and sounds and links. Pretty soon, I had the making of that which my father calls "square articles." There's a beginning and an end.

Most stories that we read and even lead in real life have a beginning and an end. Likewise, this diary began on 1st May 2000 and ends today, 30th April 2001, in London. During this time, I've travelled to the US, Netherlands, France, and Germany. I've made music and magic. I've made new friends and reacquainted with old ones. And I received lots of good feedback.

Why am I ending this diary? I don't want to be pressured to writing everyday - even though that was one of the reasons for starting this diary in the first place. I had initially wanted to "force" myself to write continuously and in a public place - so that I felt responsible for what I put down. Like selecting the speech topic for Toastmasters Club, I had to think about what I wanted to write about. So I chose only topics most important to me.

Yet despite all 365 entries of space, I still left out many topics close to my heart. So what's next? I will start a JOURNAL. Yes, it is not going to be daily. The lengths will vary. I will explore other types of writing: fiction, nonfiction, romantic, horror, adventure, mystery, interview, case study, survey, etc. I look forward to it.

1st May 2000
30 April 2001 Journal