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The Diary of Anne Frank was discovered after her death.  It was a diary kept while she and her family were in secret hiding. 

The Diary of Anne Ku is a live cyberspace diary - containing the first thoughts and feelings of the moment (without further editing or enhancement) jotted down by Anne Ku as and when she feels like it.   1st May 2000 is the first entry. 

The Diary of Anne Ku


1 May 2000

Many people have asked me for advice about doing their own web site - where should they begin?   I've run into several people who got "locked in" - into a web host because it was affordable.  But once they see the resulting five page web site, they find spelling mistakes or they want more functionality.  Yet, they don't realise that, what they paid for - only entitled them to the quickest and simplest job.  That bargain does not include a customised follow-up service, i.e. customer satisfaction.  By taking such bargains, they are giving the signal "I can't afford more."  But by chasing after the web host or web designer (usually the designer is the host for such "bargains"), they are giving the signal that "I'm a high maintenance customer."

There are so many things that web designers/hosts don't tell you.  Most people (companies) who don't have a web site - think they need one because their competitors have one.  Nowadays it becomes as essential as a business card, an entry in the phone book, etc.  Yet, many people are fooled by the appearance of a web site.  You can't judge a book by its cover.  I'm hoping to demonstrate, with my website, the importance of content.  Also, it's not good enough having  a fantastic web site, when no one can find you.  It's no use having a good-looking web site when it's slow to load or looks distorted on some browsers and PC's. 

Given all this, I think my next article will be on how I did this web site.  It all started with a Queen Bee's sarcastic albeit rhetorical question:  "do you think anyone will want to talk to you if you didn't work for us?"  This said two things: either I'm a nobody or she lives for her work.  So, I made it into a challenge.   In my spare time, I'd compile all my creations, thoughts, favourite links, photos, and anything I can find that defines who I am and what I'm about.  Initially, it was all cluttered - everything everywhere.  Then I saw a structure, a pattern emerged with meaning.  It paralleled my self development as well as my home renovations. It's a self-actualising process.  I wonder how many people out there would also benefit from this experience.  How many people identify themselves only by the company they work for?  Would they be able to exist happily without any affiliation?