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The Diary
Anne Ku

27 April 2001 Friday





For more than a year now, the posters of thinly clad beautiful women have been enticing London underground travellers to see the musical Chicago. I was curious what the hype was all about.

My friend surprised me by getting tickets to see Chicago yesterday. We sat in the first row of the Dress Circle - pretty good spot.

The star of the show was none other than the Big Breakfast presenter Denise Van Outen, whose photos were on many of the posters. Blonde, slender, and big breasted, she fitted the role of Roxy very well. "Roxy rocks Chicago."

What lengths ordinary people go to get fame. With fame comes fortune, presumably. Even if it's infamous fame, getting your name in the newspapers was one sure way to guarantee happiness. At least for a little while.

The costumes were brilliantly designed - all black, lacy, sheer, sexy, and minimalist. As I watched the performers sing, dance, and act, I couldn't help recalling my student days in musical production. As rehearsal and orchestral pianist, I was never on stage but in the pit. Chicago's band was in centre stage and enjoying every minute of it. That surely must be the best job - to get paid to do what you would do anyway. To get paid to play. To move your body, make use of all your faculties --- ah! So why would anyone want to sit in an office all day long?