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The Diary
Anne Ku

17 December 2000 Sunday






AFTER a brief period of "Indian summer" during which the rain and the wind took a holiday, it has become noticeably colder. This morning I saw white frost on top of my neighbours' roofs. As we approach the shortest day of the year, I can't help wishing that I had booked myself on that electricity-free vegetarian yoga holiday in Sri Lanka.

Instead I shall content myself with assembling the good hints from the Sunday Times travel section so that next year I may be more prepared. Here I'll rearrange the "A to Z guide to Winter sun for less" to suit my way of thinking.

Airfares: likely to be the most expensive part of your holiday, do not book directly with the airline. Use a consolidator, a bucket shop, or charter airline.

Accommodation: hotel rack rates are indicators, meant to be bargained. The Internet offers promotions, just as they do for airfares. Resort prices drop after the holiday period. Guesthouses, pensiones, bed and breakfast, zimmer frei all offer a more intimate travel experience and are much cheaper than standard well-equipped hotels. If booking through a consolidator, your accommodation may be almost free if you book it with your flight.

Others: longer stays are cheaper. The nearer the destination, the cheaper the price - but the higher the gamble on weather. Foreign exchange rates may also figure in. The US is more expensive than a year ago due to the depreciation in Sterling.

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