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The Diary of Anne Ku

19 July 2000 Wednesday


I have some unfinished business - even after I had max'd out on the time I had, the in-between time to follow up, to email, voicemail, call, and meet. There was one thing left to do.

In Chinese, good-bye is made up of two characters meaning "again" and "see." A good-bye really means "see you again." I think this is because the time line is not linear as in the western world, but circular. A circle has neither a beginning or an ending. Perhaps we've known each other before we've even met. Similarly, we will see each other again, even if we don't plan to.

The moon had grown full and waned during my visit. From my room, I had the privilege of witnessing the most beautiful sunrise, sunset, and moonrise. I enjoyed all this alone. It was a kind of meditation telling me and reminding me of endings and beginnings.

Now with only half an hour to spare, I drove to his office. The most important person I had to see. The most important business I had to finish. The most important thing I had to say. The simplest message I brought from yonder. The hardest thing to say.

"Good bye."



20 August 2000

I had jotted down my thoughts of the day during my travels. Now that I've FINALLY unpacked and cleaned up my room, I found these notes. So I will now "back-fill" my on-line diary.