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The Diary
Anne Ku

9 March 2001 Friday




We were on the freeway, but in the left hand lane which steered us off course. I didn't realise my friend relied on my directions. Instead of 20 minutes, it took us an hour to navigate to the destination, amidst stoplights, twists and turns.

A jetsetting high-flyer friend once asked me, "So, how's life in the slowlane?" I didn't really appreciate that snide remark because once I thought I was travelling pretty fast myself.

It doesn't take much to get stuck in the slow lane. Just follow a slow car. But sometimes, it's nice to cruise on the outer lane without the pressure of always looking out for the next opportunity to bypass someone. Or being irritated by tailgaters.

I guess we do get to choose which path we take. The inner lane is fast but everything else is a blur from such focus on getting ahead. In the outer lane, we get to view everyone and everywhere else. And it's comfortable.

The middle lane is the dilemma. You're always wondering if you should move aside for someone else to take you over. You're tempted by the fast lane. You get to choose, provided it doesn't choose you.