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The Diary of Anne Ku

31 July 2000 Monday warm, humid, max 25C


There is a file directory called T:\SEND. It is always empty because a computer process continuously moves the files out of it. If it isn't empty, then something is wrong.

There is a list called the OUTSTANDING LIST. It is never empty. There are things that have to be done, things that I like to do, and things that I don't like to do and I can argue out of doing. What remains on the list for the longest time is inevitably my CATEGORY C. If this list ever becomes empty, I would have reached nirvana and blessed peace.

After my 4 week trip, I have a stack of literature collected before the trip, a stack collected during the trip, and a stack collected in my absence. My cordless digital phone stopped working while I was away - probably from missing me so much. While writing this, I can think of even more things to add to my outstanding list. Yet when I go on vacation, I completely forget that such a list exists.










  • to pay bills
  • to get (supermarket etc)
  • to do (to fix, to change)
  • to clean up


  • to read
  • to write
  • to meet, to do


  • to see a friend
  • to plan a trip


  • to add new content
  • to fix broken links