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The Diary of Anne Ku

18 May 2000 Thursday changeable weather: rainy, windy, cloudy, cold

Today I switched my Internet access to OneTel which charges 1 pence per minute, anytime of day, anytime of week.  This includes VAT.  There are no other charges.  So far, this has been the best deal I've seen yet. 

My telephone bill last month was sixty-five pounds.  More than half of it was for accessing the internet, moving my files from my PC to the web host machine, etc.  There is supposedly price competition right now in the UK for free internet access.  But so far, I haven't seen any good deals.

BTCLICK offers a flat STG 9.99 per month for unlimited internet access all weekend and every evening (6 pm to midnight).  However, this requires that I switch from my current telephone provider.  In this country, it means changing my phone number and possibly cable switches too.

My web host has promised me 100 MB of web space for over a month now.  Until then, I have to keep deleting and moving my files, shuffling back and forth.  I have been forced to experiment with different ways to minimise file size:  font face, font size, colourname or hexadecimal code, tables and nested tables, etc.  One thing for sure, all those lovely pictures of my recent safari, island hops, and renovated home sweet home will have to wait.