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The Diary of Anne Ku

1 July 2000 Saturday cloudy


I read somewhere that pink and green are the colours to open up the heart chakra.  Although I know next to nothing about the chakras and the kundalini - only enough to fool the interior decorator, I shall nevertheless adorn the month of July with these colours.  Who knows what will tempt fate?

In my loft, I have a water colour painting of bamboo in pink and green.  My sister Frances had sent it to me along with an oil painting of myself in tropical paradise.  I often wondered why she had chosen such a bizarre colour combination.  Did she have extra pink and green paint left over?

When I was choosing colours for my house, I did some research on the Internet about colour psychology.  Now I am reviewing two books on colour. Hopefully I'll get to the bit where it says - green and pink are what you need this month.

Indeed, this colour combination may just be what I need to get rid of Winter in July - the title of my latest instrumental composition today.




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