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The Diary of Anne Ku

2 July 2000 Sunday


More than 2,000 distinct hosts served last month.   Does this mean more than 2,000 visitors? 

Last week I had almost 500 successful requests.   Where did they all come from?

In order of popularity:

Music tops the charts - looks like a direct link from somewhere - maybe one of the webrings I joined?  or reciprocal links? 

Surprising the home page was requested less than half as often as the Free Sheet Music page!  Are there really THAT many sightreaders out there?  Or just people hungry for music like myself?

UK immigration is STILL immensely popular even though I don't maintain it anymore.  Most of the information can be found on the Internet - so why do they still come to my site?

This on-line diary beat my photo gallery in popularity: 920 vs 610 page requests

But the real winner goes to my movie review of The Gladiator.  That alone raked 216 requests.  My hero Russell Crowe is in London filming a new movie with Meg Ryan.  I haven't run into them yet, but is that what the fuss is all about?




ondonkeysmall.jpg (2925 bytes)

I shall be on the road in July.