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Two roads diverged in a yellow wood . . .

I shall not rest from travel . . .

Journey of a thousand miles begins

Outer Banks, North Carolina  sunsetsmall.jpg (1300 bytes) desertsmall.jpg (2966 bytes)   Californian desert
vaticansmall.jpg (2600 bytes)   The Vatican Muenster  munster1small.jpg (3107 bytes)
W. Ireland   ireland1small.jpg (2901 bytes) malaysia1small.jpg (3938 bytes)   Malaysia
villagesmall.jpg (3749 bytes)   a Massai village on safari   lionsmall.jpg (3146 bytes)

Lamu, Kenya 

lamusmall.jpg (2942 bytes) ondonkeysmall.jpg (2925 bytes)    more Africa
Bali, Indonesia   Bali, Indonesia Hawaii   Ronnie and Lon Kinder, Oct 1999
London tube an empty train in the London underground Island Camp in Kenya spring 2000  sunrise in Africa
Zwanenburg 2001  Zwanenburg, Netherlands  Maastricht Maastricht 2001
Duomo, Milan The famous Duomo Nov 2001 Duomo Square, Milan Italy Nov 2001  Duomo Sq, Milan
Andalucia, May 2002  Andalucia, Spain  Huang Shan, China Huang Shan, May 2002
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