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The Diary
Anne Ku

24 April 2001 Tuesday





Space is a luxury musicians seek. Musicians need space to practise and perform. In North Wales, right by the beach, there's a 110 year old house operated by a lady (former piano teacher turned videographer) who lives in London. I finally got the chance today to watch a video of this wonderful seaside retreat.

Two years ago, when Viola discovered that I had a grand piano, she told me about this wonderful place with three grand pianos and two uprights. She said that I could play all day and night, because of the thick walls. It has been in the back of my mind ever since.

It seems that I will get a chance to visit shortly. For me, the perfect vacation is to relax in nature, preferrably by the sea. Having learned to walk on the beach in the tropics, I feel like I'm returning home when I go near the sea. Having a piano to play is becoming more and more a necessity rather than a luxury these days.

Her friend Carmen operates a Variety Club each Saturday. She's looking for musicians to perform for her regular audience, aged 70 to 95. It's a wonderful thing she has contributed to the community. So I'm doing my bit to help musicians find places to practise and perform - and help these two ladies find the musicians who will appreciate what they have to offer.

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