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The Diary
Anne Ku

23 April 2001 Monday





Living in England has become synonymous with becoming vegetarian. Today I heard that two cases of the human form of foot and mouth disease have been detected in England. I'm scared. I hope it's not true that the virus has crossed to the human race.

In my quest to become healthy, wealthy, and wise, I am exploring caffeine-free, meat-free, and fat-free diet. The word "home-made" was once THE label that worked. Now it's "organic" and "natural." Just what do these words mean?

At the Olympia Natural Products expo, I found out that these labels are still quite subjective. Anyone smart enough will arbitrage between the lack of standards in different countries and work these labels to their advantage. Just like there's a premium people expect to pay on the "green" label, so are they willing to dish out money on "natural" and "organic" products. Psychologically one feels healthier.

Yesterday I tried out all sorts of drinks: caffeine free, soya, rice-based, oatmeal-based, etc. I always sniffed some awesome aromatherapy magic and other treasures of the East. My backpack got weighed down by all these samples I was collecting. I bought a plastic tongue cleaner and a crystal deodorant. I got some back-issues of the quarterly magazine Kindred Spirit. As I write this, I have my aromatherapy oils burning carnation, tea rose, and honeysuckle to welcome Spring. It's not everyday that I get to go back to nature.

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