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The Diary of Anne Ku

5 June 2000 Monday in Amsterdam


My year in Montreal introduced me to overseas Chinese students who loved dancing, playing bridge, and eating out.  Every weekend we'd go social dancing till late.  On Sundays we would all have dim sum.  Sometimes we'd play bridge and mahjong.  I got to know Jean this way.  Although we only met in the second semester, we kept in touch over the years.  She visited me once in North Carolina.  I visited her in Boston.  She visited me in London.  The rest was by correspondence.

Jean met Les in business school.  Although Les was a visiting student for only a term, their long distance romance lasted all of three long years before they decided to get married.  They chose the most important day in my life for their Dutch wedding.  As much as I wished to party with them, it was the day of my viva (PhD exam).  Everything else had to wait.

This year I felt an urge to see them.  Amsterdam was so close to London - and by now, I suspected they would be settled down and perhaps even have children.  Jean looked the same as she did seven years ago when I last saw her, if not younger.  Les looked like the happy father.  The greatest present of all - was their two and a half year old son.  The perfect Dutch-Chinese blend.   Let's hope he also discovers bridge, dancing, and dimsum someday!




hao jiu bu jian means
long time no see