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The Diary
Anne Ku

20 October 2000 Friday


After staying in so many extravagant hotels, I longed for simplicity. The famous B&B in England is known for warm hospitality and hearty English breakfasts. So I decided to stay an extra night in Brighton, in order to see a bit more of this seaside town.

Directly facing the dilapidated West Pier was Regency Square - home of Brighton's B&B community. Next to it was Preston Street - where over two dozen restaurants competed for tourists. I checked into an AA-approved B&B run by a kind Northern Ireland man. His features reminded me of someone with the same name. He gave me keys to the single bedroom on the top floor in the back. It was quiet, clean, and cozy.

The previous day I had ventured into another populated B&B area near the Brighton Pier. The lady owner I spoke to, via the front intercom, was not so friendly. However, while speaking, one of the guests came out. He waited for me to finish before offering his room as he was thinking of leaving the next day. Is it quiet, I asked. He said it was in the back. Except for pigeon noise, it was quiet. I decided that I'd rather sleep in the bed of an unknown previous occupant than accept this man's kind offer.