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The Diary
Anne Ku

19 October 2000 Thursday


"Like minds eventually meet." In this pub full of strangers, the four of us met and stuck together for the rest of the evening. We introduced ourselves over wine and beer. We sat for our caricatures. After the buffet dinner, we walked outside to sample the free rides on Brighton Pier.

The first was a log ride for those that dared to get wet. The tall account manager sensed my enthusiasm and volunteered to chance it with me. We were the only passengers, as everyone else watched. I leaned back and off we went. The pier extended about a mile or more into the sea. The heights we reached in the total darkness was foreboding. Being in the front seat, I got the full shock of the splash. Twice it chilled me to the bone.

Having "wet our feet", we decided to try the spinning roller coaster. Unfortunately, it was the wrong thing to do on a full stomach. I soon stopped screaming when I started feeling queasy. It was no longer scary but, rather, sickening. This ride reminded me the last time I had attempted such a feat - at Alton Towers. No more rides, I had said.

In my delirium, I followed my companion to two more rides: the bumper car and the simulator. There the other two like-minded friends joined us. It was every child's dream. No queues. And best, of all, free rides.