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She got back, tired after a long day.  She switched on the light, and there he was -- waiting patiently for her.  He had been asleep, and his eye lids opened slowly.  She stooped and held him close -- stroking him all over.  First his chin and then his back until she remembered that he might be hungry.

It was a typical night after work.  Her mind was too weary to think properly.  She ran the hot water and lit two candles.  Tonight she chose ylang ylang, the sensual oil for her bath.  As soon as the mirror began to steam up, she stepped into the tub.

So wonderful to be a cat, she mused.  A long haired ginger cat who sleeps all day.   He purrs like an engine.  He senses that she, too, wants to be a cat.  So she became one in Amsterdam.

Caricaturists have an amazing ability to magnify the one feature that you want to disguise. My cheeks, for example, featured here. But only those that truly know me, like my sister, can capture my mood and personality.

portraits of a lady by different artists

cari83small.jpg (2543 bytes)

  by American artist, Seattle 1983

cari97small.jpg (2446 bytes)

  by Cel, Filipino artist, Ireland 1997

cari98small.jpg (2875 bytes)

  by Luisa, London 1998

by Frances, Singapore 1989 

pencil89small.jpg (2121 bytes)

by Frances, San Francisco 1998 

pencil98small.jpg (1886 bytes)

by Clemencia, London  1998 

pen98small.jpg (2704 bytes)

by Betti, Amsterdam 2000 

pencil00small.jpg (2791 bytes)  

by Li Jia, Brighton 2000 


chalk portrait by Yousif Naser, June 2003