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The Diary
Anne Ku

19 February 2001 Monday



Before I'm finished with one meal, I'm already thinking about my next. Before I'm finished with this trip, I'm already planning my next one.

The truth is, after two months on the road, I'm getting pretty tired of the constant packing, unpacking, and moving. Sure, the hotels are nice, the people are interesting, and I really shouldn't complain. But my body is rebelling. I just want to sleep in my own bed, under my own duvet, and listen to the purring of my cat.

It was such a simple decision to make. Book early to get the flight I wanted - but there was no direct flight from my preferred airport. Neither was there a direct flight on my favourite airline. The restricted economy fare was a big bargain though. All I had to do was to get up at 4 am and take an expensive taxi to the airport. I would get back to London early Saturday morning. All this inconvenience, in the name of work.

The lack of flexibility was what bothered me most. A flexible economy fare would be 50% more, moving it to 4 figures. But what do I get? the same discomfort of a long haul economy class flight - and options I might not even exercise!

This morning I had a new idea. How about flying to the US via Amsterdam? On the way back, I wouldn't need to stop over in London and repack. This, however, means packing my spring clothes (for the US) and winter clothes (for the Netherlands).... a bulky tradeoff for flexibility indeed!

From Father 18 Feb:
So far you have visited nearly a dozen and half german cities already, probably more than US cities you visited. And you said you enjoyed hospitality.You must be lucky or you have a winning personality, or they simply like you.
A reporter here once said when he traveled in Germany and talked with a complete stranger there. He was happily invited to latter's house after he praised Beethoven. Your encounters with bearded man, hungry fellow travelers and norwegian faces, etc sound really fun.
Your diary shows you have a good time with musicians and they somehow enrich your knowledge of music. But your dating with a smoker shows you are still a workaholic, a fact you once wished to change.
Both your mom and I are eager to let you know it is not worth sacrificing your health for anything. to be a work horse is like overdrawing your account. Overdraft (overdraught) is actually a stupid thing to do, because eventually, or in the long run, you may have to pay a bitter price. I do hope you realize this and slow down.