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The Diary
Anne Ku

27 November 2000 Monday





The well-laid plans of mice and men. Are plans not meant to be followed? Are promises meant to be broken?

I had rigorously listed the things I had to do: reconcile my taxes, file my bills, organise my financial affairs, sort through piles of brochures and readings, clear and clean up my closet, get rid of old clothes. The list goes on and on.

As much as the list is on my mind, the first thing I did Sunday was to play the piano and then compose a new piece. Why do I dump my most unwanted tasks to Category C which only grows bigger and bigger? Instead of doing the most important, I do the most desirable.

My sister enlightened me today. She said that she needed a rich investor to take away her financial worries so that she can concentrate on her art. Isn't that what rich husbands are for? In fact, what use is a husband if he is not rich?

Such distraction to have to open up bills, scan to make sure they are correct, and deal with the mundane matters in life. It's even a chore to cook and clean.

My sister told me of a fellow artist who had worked for years to produce quality and consistent in his paintings of dolphins and whales. A Japanese company discovered him and offered several million dollars to purchase his future works of art. He would never have to worry about money again. But, he would always be obliged to produce. Why would one want to be "owned" in such a way? Is that the price of getting rid of one's Category C?

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