analytical Q


The Diary of Anne Ku

25 June 2000 Sunday


What causes information overload?

  • not enough time: information arrives faster than we can process it
  • fear that we might miss out ("kia soo") thus we keep everything for later
  • greed that we need to have it when we need it, so-called "convenience yield" otherwise we have to go out and get it
  • most of the stuff isn't relevant; it takes effort to sort
  • most of the stuff requires effort just to process cognitively
  • direct marketing, email spamming - once you get on someone's list, it's hard to get off
  • Category C:  some things we just don't like to do and we leave it until we absolutely have to
  • can't prioritise:  everything is urgent or of the same priority

When I first start a project, I try to get as much relevant information as possible.  Even after I finish the project, information is still flowing in.  These days, if I don't clear my in-tray right away, I am faced with having to deal with:

 emailvoicemailsnail mailface to face
office  highlowlowhigh
home  highmediumhighlow
analyticalQ  high---
forwarded  --low-