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The Diary of Anne Ku

26 June 2000 Monday - Seattle weather


On the 21st of June diary entry, I scanned in the first photo I received from Tony the Italian Stallion of our reunion in Seattle.  Obviously pleased with my flattering remarks, Tony sent me four more photos. 

(Below) Much more realistic photo of me with my hair tied back.  Here in the parking lot, we tried to pose against this back drop of Seattle.  Unfortunately, much of it was covered in scaffolding. 

Reunion2.jpg (27447 bytes)

Reunion5.jpg (50637 bytes)

(Above) Tony's motorcycle was his pride and joy, but he didn't bring it. So we pretended this was it.   This black training outfit was the only warm clothing I had brought for my 3-month round the world trip.

Reunion3.jpg (11376 bytes)(Left) Lemondrops and I followed Tony out of Seattle after our two hour reunion.  As usual, Lemondrops was a backseat driver sitting in the driver's seat.  I navigated with "feng shui." 

Later that evening we attended K's wedding - another reunion.  It was a reunion of our high school classmates, neighbours, and childhood friends.




Reunion4.jpg (52372 bytes)

(Above)  Did I think that I couldn't get into the picture? 


To describe the photos, I selected "Tahoma" font.  The next day, we all departed for Seattle/Tahoma Airport, except for Lemondrops who stayed back to climb Mt Rainier.