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The Diary of Anne Ku

27 June 2000 Tuesday

PC versus MAC

Compared to my PC, my MAC II si was heaven.   During the five years of active use, it never once gave me a single problem.   It stood the test of time, location (moved at least five times), and technology upgrade.  By the time I finished writing my thesis, however, PC caught up.  So I abandoned it in favour of PC.

About two years ago, I bought a PC from a local computer shop.  Almost as soon as I started using it, I ran into problems.   Since then it has continued to plague me.  This past weekend I installed and unstalled Adobe as well as Visio. Now I still I don't know what I did wrong - but I can no longer save a Word document as HTML.  I can no longer copy from a text file and paste into Frontpage 98.  The midi plug-ins in Internet Explorer 4.0 no longer work.   I can't even connect to the Internet.

My tech guru friend Zelf was kind enough to doctor my PC.  He told me that the PC is a complicated machine.  Action - reaction. The new software you add may not be compatible with parts of existing ones.  It's like our society, not everyone gets along.  Installing a piece of software on a PC is not trivial at all.

I miss the good old days of MAC's.  My MAC has given me high expectations of usability.  When I surf the net, I expect it to be as friendly as my MAC - which has retired to my closet now.