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The Diary of Anne Frank was discovered after her death.  It was a diary kept while she and her family were in secret hiding. 

The Diary of Anne Ku is a live cyberspace diary - containing the first thoughts and feelings of the moment (without further editing or enhancement) jotted down by Anne Ku as and when she feels like it.  1st May 2000 is the first entry. 

The Diary of Anne Ku


5 May 2000

Okay. Okay.

I'm cheating.

I didn't write an entry on 2 May.

But tonight (4 May) I have too many thoughts.  So depending on which time zone it is, technically speaking, I could spill over to 5 May and count this one as a new entry.

And I will.

So much of doing this web site is about making decisions.

What kind of layout.  Should I use frames or not?

Which font face, size, colour?

Which background colour?

Which topics should I include?  How should I arrange them?

Initially, I poured out everything I've got.  Sort of like raiding the refrigerator --- and then deciding what to cook with all the available ingredients.  In fact, that is usually how I cook.  This is what I call alternative-driven behaviour.  When asked,"What do you want?"  I usually answer,"Tell me what is available."  This is supply-driven behaviour. 

Somewhere along the line - I figured out what I did not want.  Eventually I will get to the value-focussed thinking (from the book by R. Keeney of the same title).  I will be brand-loyal, no longer deal-prone.  I will know what I want.

So tonight, let me begin by leaving out my energy links, my paper on power pools, and timing of deregulation.  Why?  They are out of date.   The purpose of my web site is not to attract visitors who collect and read out-of-date papers, but visitors who will comment on my work and the kind of writing I would like to improve upon. 

Letting go.  Clearing the blackboard.  Freeing the mind.

Emancipation from the past.  I don't have to justify my existence.  I don't have to prove I did the right thing.  It's sunk cost.

Let me start with an empty fridge instead.

Let me decide what I want to eat.  What I will cook.   What ingredients I need to get.

This is value-focussed me - embracing the future.