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The Diary of Anne Ku


13 May 2000 Saturday another fine day

As I was getting used to everything that I hadn't expected: no soap, no shampoo, no moisturiser, no cash machine, long walk to the beach, and being surrounded by meat-eating overweight smokers, I suddenly remembered some useful phrases.

You get what you pay for.

There's no free lunch.

It's a zero sum game.

For STG 150 (US$ 220 at current rates), direct flight, bed and breakfast 7 day accommodation, all airport transfers, it was a bargain!

So I started to look on the bright side.

The hotel was fairly new.  It was surrounded by fragrant roses in all colours of red, yellow, pink, and orange. The staff was friendly, obviously family-run.  The swimming pool was a bonus:  big, clean, cool, refreshing, and simply wonderful!  After the first few lazy days, I decided to venture to the rest of this island.  Rhodes, after all, was the largest of the Dodecanese - and the most fertile as well.