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The Diary
Anne Ku

24 January 2001 Wednesday



Once upon a time, I took an evening course called, "Positive Approaches to Office Politics." I felt stuck in my job as my new boss was neither leading nor protecting the team.

He was a classic "toad in the road." To get around him, I had to learn to "leap frog." Unknowingly through social dancing, which I was asked to organise for the company, I got to know people above him. They got to know me. They saw the situation and they wanted to help me. Eventually, I leap frogged out of this job.

How do you move ahead if your boss doesn't move? You have to get people above him to recognise and help you. Or you have to move horizontally, away from him, and to someone else who is not stuck.

I leap frogged to another office. My boss quit after I left. Had I not moved, I would have been suffocated.

When your creativity gets stifled, your soul dies. How can you grow if you've already reached the ceiling?