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The Diary of Anne Ku


9 May 2000 Tuesday warm, bright

When I show someone my website, it is always interesting to observe his/her reaction.  A perfect stranger may stare at the home page not knowing what to do.  Indeed, it could be a barrier - a menu without any description of what the dishes are about.  So perhaps I need a site map.

Today I showed someone I met yesterday my website.   First I explained that this was something I did in my spare time.  I had deliberately taken a sabbatical, rather, time off from my busy full-time career, to do my own thing.  I needed to compose.  I needed to play the piano.  I needed to travel.  I needed to write.  Lately I have been doing more writing than composing.  More composing than practising.  It's as if my throat chakra is opening up.

I took him through the evolution of this site as I captured in the Guestbook Entries section.  Initially, I put every printable item on the site - in no order at all.  It reminded me of my first intranet - one trader said it was like Christmas!  very colourful.  After awhile, I reorganised it.  But it took a lot of reorganisation to get to the stage it is at now.  Re-organisation is about rethinking one's priorities and focus.  What is important?  What can be left out?  Why do I need to keep it?  Why do I need to share it?  Lately given the web space constraints, I constantly revisit each image file, each midi file, each html file - to reduce or eliminate altogether.

I talked about the different kinds of writing on my site.   This diary is spontaneous, unedited writing.  My Internet articles are surveys and evaluations - requiring more indepth research.  The stories attached to my compositions and arrangements are somewhat stream-of-consciousness and emotional.   Book reviews are not just critical but also personal.  I like to write from a different angle.  Just because someone has written about the subject before doesn't mean that I can't add anything new.  It's the perspective that counts.

What a way to introduce myself!  My love of music, my desire to write, my travels, and the ongoing journey via the web to express myself!