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The Diary of Anne Ku

29 July 2000 Saturday warm


Newton said: it takes a push to get moving. It also takes a push to stop. I've been in such momentum that it takes falling ill to stop. The momentum drives me like a headless chicken running around .... and around... and around......

It's nice to come home to tranquility and familiarity. But I had forgotten how much housework there is. No one changes my bedsheets after I leave. No one cleans my towels. I may spend the entire day doing laundry. No one washes my dishes and pots after I use them. No one puts them away. There is so much to do!! I become easily overwhelmed.

In the four weeks I've been away, my garden has overgrown. The hedges and tomato plants have colluded in taking away my hammock space.

I just want to sit and listen to natural sounds. No traffic. No loud conversations. No one else's noise. Just my own breathing.



That's the only way to stop this momentum. Relax.