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The Diary of Anne Ku

11 May 2000 Thursday clear blue skies, warm, breezy in Rhodes, Greece

Travelling only gets easier and easier the more one travels.  Or rather, one takes it for granted that every destination has cash machines, accepts credit cards, and speaks English.

So I took twenty-five pounds in cash, my cash card (ATM), one credit card, sunglasses,  and a small bag of colourful sleeveless outfits.    One week of holiday in the sun meant lying on the beach, swimming, touring the island, and eating authentic local food. 

The chartered flight was packed.  The hotel was full of British tourists who did not speak BBC English.  The hotel was located in the middle of nowhere, but conveniently situated next to a new fast lane highway.    It was a mere 20 minute walk to the beach and the 100% touristy town of Faliraki, custom-designed for the non-Greek speaking tourist.  It was a haven for go-kart lovers, mini-golf players, pub-drinking clubbers who sleep in the day and party at night.

I had about 40 pence worth of local currency - 200 drachmas left over from my last trip to Greece ten years ago.  This was enough for a bottle of mineral water.  After my thirst was quenched, I set out to find a cash machine.  To my disappointment, not only were they a rare breed, the only one that seemed open did not take my card.  Stuck!