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The Diary of Anne Ku

11 June 2000 Sunday clouds with occasional sun, warm


I only learned what a good guest was when I became a host.   You know you've been a good guest if the host invites you back. 

A good guest is one who doesn't overstay.  My mother once told me that three days is enough.  On the first day, you talk.  On the second, your host talks.  On the third, you both converse.  Visiting is like being a fish.  You stink after three days.

A good guest compensates for his/her stay in different ways.  A thoughtful gift from afar.  I always try to buy something at duty free that is to my host's liking.  Thoughtful is the word.  You can also invite your host to a nice restaurant, a movie, or anywhere that shows you want to be with the host and you appreciate him/her.

Don't let your host pick up after you.  Just because you're the guest doesn't mean that you cannot touch the sink.  Your host may not ask you to help, but if you do, he/she will be secretly grateful. 

Just remember this:  a good host has to prepare for your arrival, take time out for you, and clean up after you go.  Anything you can do to make up for this extra effort and time will assure your host that he/she is not just a hotel for you. 



"I'm coming up to London next week.  May I stay with you?"

"Are you coming to visit me or do you need a place to stay?"