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The Diary of Anne Ku

10 June 2000 Saturday warm, sunny, breezy, nice!


Walk the middle road.  Make sure you balance your life.  My father said that to me once.  Don't overdo it.  Now, he is telling me again.

"Xi shue chang liu" translates to thin water runs long.  Don't overexert yourself, and you'll last a longer time.  This is not the same as "still water runs deep."  I'm moving too fast, overcommiting myself, and trying to do too much.  At this rate, I won't last.


Don't surf the net anymore.  Don't collect anymore articles to read.  Don't read today.  Don't buy any more groceries to cook.   Don't make any more appointments.

Just relax and doze off in my Mexican hammock.   The sun is out - and what a luxury it is to let it shine on my shoulders!   Cycle to the allotment centre and buy some compost.  Then repot my houseplants.  That's what I did 5 years ago - the entire day after I passed my viva.   It was therapeutic.   Stop and smell the roses. 

No wonder my friend Jackie once asked me curiously,"Anne, have you ever thought of doing NOTHING?"