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The Diary
Anne Ku

11 February 2001 Sunday



Jetlag translates into SHI CHA in Chinese, meaning "a difference in time."

Overnight trips are worse than day trips because I feel compelled to sleep and seize the next morning. Unfortunately, advances in technology have shortened travel time. My flight from the East Coast to London was less than seven hours. Minus dinner and a movie, four hours were hardly sufficient for a decent night's sleep.

In between playing the piano and listening to the recordings of it, I took short cat naps. Finally, at 10 pm I crashed into my bed.

Some people, no matter how fit, have difficulties with jetlag. My friend Armand, for example, took an entire week to overcome his last transatlantic jetlag.

Perhaps the best way to handle jetlag is to get plenty of sleep and exercise - and ease off on the alcohol and heavy food. After landing, I like to dive into a pool. Psychologically I am erasing the effects of height with depth.