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The Diary
Anne Ku

6 April 2001 Friday





Like a bull market, the moon is somehow more desirable when it's waxing than when it's waning. We know it will become full, but we still look forward to the moment of the FULL MOON.

Is it because I'm female that I identify myself so much with the moon? Tonight it is almost full, and I'm so anxious to spend the night of the full moon in some memorable fashion.

After 3.5 months of transatlantic travel, I am in dire need of anchoring. I've forgotten what it's like to have a routine. Instead, all my free time is stampeded by Category C activities such as unpacking, clearing, admin, cleaning, and repacking.

Travelling is like being on stage. The problem with stage performances is that there's an awful lot behind the scenes in the preparations. Once off stage, it's all so boring and depressing, in contrast.

So how does all this relate to the waxing moon? The moon is my cycle. The phases mark a beginning and an end. Soon my one year of diary keeping in cyberspace will come to an end. Thereafter, I will try something else.

From my father:
We all know everything has a beginning and an end, except that the buddhists insist that the cosmos have no beginning, so they say "since no beginning, we mankind..." I think their logic is that if cosmos has a beginning, then what is it before its beginning?
6 April 2001 email:
The US. spy plane incident caused a sort of avalanche or landslide on the stock market here and there, including in Shanghai. So many people here will lose their jobs.