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The Diary
Anne Ku


8 September 2000 Friday rain


For two months now, I've been anticipating today's deadline. In the beginning, I was aware that it was two months away and that I had plenty of time. As each week expired, I grew more and more worried that I might not have anything at all. I played scenario analysis in my head.

Last weekend, I got unnecessarily depressed. Demotivated. Lacklustre. I couldn't bring myself to produce anything. Was it overwork or was it defiance? I was creating the worst scenario: no delivery. Blank.

So I went swimming. In the three dimensional world of water, I saw a way out of it. I swam and conceptualised.

Little by little, I added material. Incrementally, day by day, I built the content. Once I had enough critical mass, I spinned into inertia. The countdown began. Three hours left. Two hours left. The momentum was pulling me into the final sprint. When the clock struck seven, I typed the final period. Completion. Sigh. Now I can switch off. Relief! I've met my deadline!