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The Diary
Anne Ku

9 January 2001 Tuesday



WINTER is a time to be inside. It's simply too cold to be outside. Yet, if it's not comfortable inside, then it's easy to feel couped up.

After being on the road for three weeks, despite some nice surroundings and warm hospitality, I still felt couped up. Home is where the heart is. My heart is not in other people's homes. My heart is in my own space, around my own things, free to roam, free to be free.

That couped up feeling comes from not being able to go out without putting on a jacket or coat. That couped up feeling results from lack of exercise. I long to dive into the outdoor pool. I long to swim under the sun and skies.

I think I can finally empathise with those who are couped up long term: the disabled, the handicapped, the victims of domestic violence, the immobile,.... the list goes on and on. I should be thankful that I can run away. I can fly away. I can still do jumping jacks. I don't have to feel couped up.