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The Diary of Anne Ku

8 August 2000 Tuesday


Today is Father's Day - on the Chinese calendar. Eight sounds like "ba" so double eight - "ba ba" is father in Chinese.

Daddy Ku I call my father nowadays because he's a cool dad, after he had retired, turned Buddhist and vegetarian. At age seventy, he bought himself a computer and learned to use email so that he could communicate with his kids around the world. Ten years earlier, he had complained of having to learn to use a word processor at work.

Yes, he is a cool dad, who travels around the world to visit us kids who are too busy to visit him. He said to me once that there's only one other cuisine that can compare to Chinese. That's French. So when we visited Paris a few years ago, I proudly used my French to order "Fruit de Mer" and other wonderful dishes in a seafood restaurant. After that experience, he insisted on eating in Chinatown for the remainder of the trip.

He kept saying that he's old and he should walk slowly. But his mind is crystal clear. By learning to navigate in cyberspace, he keeps up with all three of us. In cyberspace, we can walk, run, and have fun. So, BA BA, here's a toast to you!



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