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The Diary of Anne Ku

7 August 2000 Monday


On my PC, if I make a mistake, I can press the <CONTROL> <Z> buttons. For some applications, I can keep undoing until I get back to the state I want. The repeat function using <CONTROL> <Y> is also terribly useful.

In real life, however, the UNDO BUTTON doesn't exist. Entropy exists, on the other hand. A system left onto itself will tend towards maximum chaos. We expend more energy trying to get it back to its initial clean state. In absence of an UNDO BUTTON, we experience REGRET.

Such regret after hanging all my laundry out to dry overnight, only to wake up to thunder and lightning in the morning. Such regret and embarrassment after deciding to scooter onto the pavement and then falling flat on my face. Luckily it was after midnight and no one saw me. Some regrets are longer lasting. Sometimes I know I will regret it, yet I still do it. Where relationships, finance, and health are concerned, the UNDO BUTTON comes at an infinitely high premium.

Since I can't undo what I've done, I can only take on the positive attitude of "learning from my experience." Time will pass, but I won't. I can't return to where I was. I can only look ahead. Unlike <CONTROL><Z>, the REPEAT BUTTON does exist. That's why history repeats itself.