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The Diary of Anne Ku

9 August 2000 Wednesday


In London, pub culture thrives. Whenever someone leaves, you get together in the pub. Whenever someone visits from another office, you drink in the pub. The pub is the place to hang out.

It's a place where regulars go hang out. No one plays loud music (usually) - but people do smoke. That is my only objection. Otherwise, a pub culture allows people to meet and get to know one another, outside of work.

In Singapore, there's the food culture. Sharing food together is the done thing. No one wants to eat alone. A decent one hour meal is as important as a decent one hour's work.

In Japan, there's the karaoke culture. That has spread to Taiwan, Hong Kong, and other places. To sing to your heart's content with your colleagues, what bliss!

So what sort of culture do workers in America have? It's called team building. The budget goes towards white-water rafting and other off-site activities. During the working week, however, people do go out. But warning: no liquid lunches!



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